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Is freelancing right for you?

Why Freelance?

In August 2013, this article http://www.moneynews.com/Economy/jobs-part-time-cloud-online/2013/08/13/id/520068/ convinced me that Freelancing was the emerging job market and that Elance would probably be a leader in providing the platform for clients and freelancers to meet.

In October 2013, this article http://news.yahoo.com/freelancers-soon-160709627.html reinforced that conclusion and pointed out the need to keep your skills up-to-date. That started me to thinking about the skills needed to successfully utilize this new job marketplace and decided to join that marketplace and learn more. I joined Elance, Freelancer and O-Desk in November 2013. It didn’t take long to decide that Elance was the way to go, and I’ve placed all my efforts in that platform.

Here are some more sites that will help you decide if this marketplace is for you.

Quoting from this website: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2012/05/01/why-freelance-jobs-are-hotter-than-ever “At the rate things are going, Elance predicts that more than half of the workforce in the United States will be independentby 2020. Having access to quality freelancers without limitations on location makes this appealing to employers as well as freelancers.”

Quoting from this website: http://www.forbes.com/sites/northwesternmutual/2014/12/30/4-reasons-why-millennials-and-boomers-are-joining-the-freelance-economy/ “Freelancing gives workers control over their own job descriptions, allowing them to take on “micro-jobs” to try out different projects. “The definition of a micro-job is the skilled and semi-skilled work required for a segment of a project or task of limited duration,” said Ken Bodnar, author of 55 and Scared, a book about micro-jobbing for older workers. “Freelancing allows Boomers to work at a job that is a good fit with their skill set, experience and work history.” Micro-jobbing lets Millennials take on projects that can help them identify their core area of expertise.”

Quoting from this website: http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2014/09/08/1-in-3-american-workers-freelances-but-is-the-phenomenon-growing/, freelancers fall into five categories. “Independent contractors (40%), who are what people typically think of as freelancers — people who don’t have a single employer but work on many projects for different clients. Moonlighters (27%) who have a regular 9-5 but make extra money on the side. Diversified workers (18%), who have multiple sources of income, such as a part-time dentist receptionist who also drives for Uber and teaches yoga. Temporary workers (10%) who have a single employer for a set period of time. Freelance business owners (5%), who have between one and five employees.

Quoting from this website: http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2014/09/08/from-full-time-to-freelance-how-to-make-the-leap/ “Four out of five non-freelancers say they would be willing to do paid freelance work, and 36% of moonlighters say they would like to quit and freelance full-time, according to a new study by The FreelancersUnion and Elance-oDesk, a platform that connects freelancers and employers.”

Are you convinced?

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