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Freelancer Training


Freelance Training is what this blog is all about.  I will be straight up front with you.  This is a blog intended to sell freelancing as a “job lifestyle”.

It also has pages that can link you to some of the best training available today on the internet, namely, Udemy. [click to continue…]

Cassandra Skills Are Worth Over $128,000

Julie Bort, writing for Business Insider says “Cassandra is worth $128,646”

No. 2: Cassandra is worth $128,646

Prashant Malik, creator of Cassandra

Dice says that pay for Cassandra-associated jobs has climbed 14.5% over last year and hass over 780 job listings for it.

Need training for Cassandra?

Click here to check out this Cassandra course from Udemy.


Ruby Tech Skills worth over $100,000

Julie Bort, writing for Business Insider says “Ruby is worth $105,714”

Ruby is worth $105,714


Dice says that pay for Ruby-related jobs has climbed 13% over last year and has over 2,900 job listings for it.

Need training for Ruby?

Click here to check out this Ruby course from Udemy.

Elance – the Best Job Marketplace!

Why Elance?

Quoting from this website: http://www.elance-odesk.com/press/53-million-americans-now-freelance-new-study-findsElance-oDesk is the world’s largest online workplace. More than 2.5 million businesses and 8 million freelancers tap into www.Elance.com and www.oDesk.com to work together via the Internet.” [click to continue…]

Is freelancing right for you?

Why Freelance?

In August 2013, this article http://www.moneynews.com/Economy/jobs-part-time-cloud-online/2013/08/13/id/520068/ convinced me that Freelancing was the emerging job market and that Elance would probably be a leader in providing the platform for clients and freelancers to meet. [click to continue…]

Top Online Learning Marketplace?

What is the best online learning marketplace?

It’s quite simple, Udemy.  Udemy is the world’s leading online learning marketplace.  If you want training on almost any topic, freelancers will find a goldmine here. [click to continue…]